October 6, 2016

Power Rangers, Wu Tang Clan, Nickelodeon and Seinfeld are just a few of the key elements of the 90's that inspired me growing up. "My Sweet 90's" is a new art series I'm working on that will follow through the rest of the year till the end of 2017. Based off of the name, most would assume that the imagery used in the series would cover things solely from the 90's, well that's both correct and incorrect. Everything involved in the series is from the 90's, MY 90's, It's anything that inspired my growth and creativity during that decade. Which could be the 67 Impala my pops introduced me to when I was 7 or the movie Beat Street that I first saw on TV when I was 8. What ever the case, there were lots of things I took from the 90's that still have an impact on my life today. If you'd like to stay up on all of the latest info on My Sweet 90's continue to check back on the blog periodically through the week for process shots and more info on my thought process. STAY SWEET!



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