February 22, 2019

Hunger is a strong feeling, it’s a very powerful and moves at a speed that most can’t keep up with. In this painting I use the R34 Nissan Skyline GTR to convey that message. I often use the saying “Powered by Hunger”. That ideal is that your inner engine is powered by… you guessed it HUNGER. Car enthusiast know what the GTR is capable of and it’s a legend in the JDM car scene. The reason you see the back of the GTR opposed to the front is because of the idea that you’re not fast enough to keep up. Nobody in a race wants to see the back of the car they’re racing, that would mean you’re losing. The pink background which features my signature forever hungry design represent passion. Passion in my art is always represented by pink. Passion is what keeps us going and those behind you will see it trailing as they chase you. The GTR is Blue which in my art represents Loyalty. One thing I know is that loyalty will take you far. Stay true to who you are and the people around you that are on your team, trust me it is essential to your success.     






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